12″ White Marble Foo Dogs Pair


12″ White Marble Foo Dog Lions (sold as a pair).  About 54 pounds.


Chinese lions (pair) solid natural white marble stone 12″ 54 pounds for the pair. Hand carved natural white marble stone. Traditional Chinese design features moveable balls carved inside each lion’s mouth. One lion is a female with her foot on a baby lion, and the other has his foot on a representation of a brocade ball. Chrysanthemum flowers decorate the bases of the lions in a design that mimics the decoration of an alter in a Chinese temple.

Height 12″
Length 7.5″
Width 5″

Weight: About 54 pounds for the pair

We have several pairs of these sculptures in stock.  The buyer will receive a matching pair of lions made by the same carver who made the lions in the pictures, in the same size, from the same batch, but every pair is very slightly different because they are all hand made.  Natural stone guaranteed – not molded in any way – natural stone quarried from a mountain!

This is a matching male and female pair of traditional Chinese lions, which are said to bring good luck to the owner and protect important places when placed at the entrance to a home or business. Chinese lions (often called foo dogs)  are also an important component of the practice of Feng Shui, the philosophy of arranging one’s living spaces to create a natural and harmonious environment. The male lion has his foot on a representation of a brocade ball, and the female lion has her foot on the a stylized baby lion flipped over on its back.  Each lion has a hand carved moveable ball carved within its mouth.  Legend has it that turning the ball over three times within the lion’s mouth will bring good luck!

In stock at our warehouse in Ohio and ready for shipping within a day or two by UPS, these exquisite marble lions were handmade as a pair by a master carver, exclusively for our shop near Beijing and we brought them to the United States in very small batches more than 20 years ago – and they have been crated in our warehouse ever since!

Chinese lions first began to appear in China around the about 200 BC, and became important symbols of the imperial family, often decorating the public buildings and the palaces of of high officials and Imperial palaces.  They are completely hand carved from natural solid white marble stone, not molded or cast in any way.

In stock at our warehouse in Ohio – shipping with UPS tracking within 48 hours. With more than 20 years in the marble business, we are experienced shipping marble sculptures safely all over the world – these sculptures will be carefully double boxed and shipped insured from Ohio – in stock now!